Thursday, February 16, 2017

Love in Ruins

Fire poured down
I remained in the ruins
Left to mourn
A future that would never be

Everything was gone
Broken and afraid
That's when I found you
You reached to me

With a love I could not believe
A love I was afraid to receive
All the love I had out of brokenness
I gave to you

You made me feel safe
I didn't know love could run so deep
As I gave my all
My love for you grew

And continues to
Each day
You walked me through ashes
I can't let go

I found love in the ruins
Two little hands and my own
You've held
With you by my side I know
We will do more than just rebuild

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Emotions rising on the brim of uncertainty
I’m slowly being tossed by the wind
Drifting far away
And I’m tattered and wilted

Will you lead me back to you
To the place that I once knew
Can you take this wilted heart
And make it new, bring me to you

Memories replay in my mind of my brokenness
I long to go back and rewind
Drifted so far away
Tattered and wilted

Broken before you I come in search
Of forgiveness
To pardon me of the sin I have birthed
Will I be cast away when I’m

Broken, wasted
Tattered and wilted
I’m broken, I feel wasted

I’m tattered, my God I’ve wilted

Friday, May 27, 2016

Easier to Hide

It's been a while since I wrote you
Haven't known what to say
I don't want distance to come between us
But I feel so far away
It's nothing that you've done
Who I am inside
Retreating in myself when fearful

There are things I struggle with
I don't know how to let you in
Open my mouth attempt to speak
Words fall flat I decide against
I'm trying to learn to trust
My heart pushes away
A never ending tension
I'm to blame

Sometimes it's easier to hide
I'm sorry
Sometimes it's easier to cry
I'm sorry

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Someone New (Falling)

I don't know you
But I see your smile
I don't know you
But I'd like to talk for a little while
Do you want to talk too

Hey how are you
I'm new to this
I'm kind of nervous
All I'm looking for is a friend
Are you looking too

Letters are written
And words are exchanged
I try to keep up my cool
But you're driving me insane
I can't keep on pretending
You don't mean more to me
I'm falling

I'm feeling nervous
To see you face to face
From phone calls and emails
To standing on the ground in the same place
Do you feel it too

Echoes of Defeat

Echoes of all I've lost haunting
I try to shove them out
But emotions betray they lie to me
They lie to me again

I need you

Failure my old friend
Whispers words
Words of defeat into my ear
That I can't defend
I can't defend

I need you
Reassure me

Longing for what I'll never have
I try and I fall
Why keep this up is it worth it
In the end

I need you
Reassure me
I need you

Echoes of all I've lost haunting
I try to shove them out
But emotions betray they lie to me
So hold me again
Just hold me again

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Fear That's Me

Afraid to let you in
I pull far away
I've been hurt before
I'm scared you won't stay

If I show you places
Where I have been nicked
Would you run away
Would you say I'm not worth it

Afraid of losing so
I fall behind
I will never win with that
Frame of mind

I've been broken and I'm
Afraid to let you see
The mess of my whole life
A pile of broken dreams

Saturday, March 14, 2015


A six year chapter ended
A bitter taste left behind
Nothing sweet about it
Sweetness was erased

Memories they fade
As the months fall further away
Dreams don’t come so easily
Nightmares, in the past can remain
Life moves on slowly
Moves on without you

 Eight months closes quickly
A horrible moment in time
Beauty in life fell away
Beauty never real erased

I can close my eyes
And not be afraid
That reality is over
Life won’t ever be the same

I’ll move on
Move on without you